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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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underway after myanmar's first election in 25 years and not everyone was allowed to vote. ♪ hello you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up, two stabbings and a vehicle attack leave one dead and six injured in another day of violence in the west bank. gunmen killed nine people in a bar in burundi hours before the government had house to house searches for weapons plus russia remembers the 224 victims of the
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sinai plane crash after an emotional memorial in st. petersburg. ♪ voting has passed off smoothly in what has been billed as myanmar's freest election ever, turn out is thought to be 80% with many voting for the first time in their lives. final results are not expected for a few days and could be followed by weeks of wrangling. and the national league for democracy is expected to win the most votes but it needs some 67% of seats from majority and the constitution bars her from becoming president. the army still dominates politics after decades in power, the military backed union solidarity development party needs just 35% to form a majority as 25% of seats are already reserved for the military. and activists say up to four million people may have been unable to vote including the
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minority rohinja muslims and we spent the day at a polling station and begins our coverage. ♪ the end of historic day here in myanmar the end of polling for this general election. it seems to have gone very smoothly, there have been no reports of any kind of violence, no reports today on polling day or accusations of any kind of inconsistencies, election monitors from both local and international organizations have fanned out across the country and so far there have been no mention of any kind of wrongdoing or any suspicious activities as these 40,000 polling centers across the country. now the nld opposition party headquarters here people started to gather after the sun sets a couple hours after polling closed to show their support for chi and gathered out in front of
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headquarters and told to go home and wait for results and we look at how the day unfolded. >> reporter: before daybreak and before polling stations had opened, voters in myanmar were patiently waiting their turn for a chance to vote for a government they want. >> next generation and time for a real change so that is what we are hoping for and, yeah, hopefully it will bring good changes. >> they say that we can make a change for the future for the brighter future for our country. >> reporter: nearly 50 years military government ruled this country and handing over power four years ago since then the union solidarity and development party mostly consisting of military offices has been in charge. the woman seen by many as most able to bring change to myanmar is opposition leader chi, she was still under house arrest when the last general election was held, a process largely considered fraunl lent by the
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international community. this election is different. the main opposition party, the national league for democracy is taking part. international observers have been allowed in the country. >> it's a first for man mar to invite international observations and missions and positive because it increases the transparency of the process and observers are doing their work and we hope this transparency will be displayed thought the counting process and throughout the announcement of the results. >> reporter: allegations on the voter list and irregularities in advance voting and there was no polling in seven townships and hundreds of village's because of security concerns with fighting with armed ethnic armies and soldiers and temporary identity card holders who voted in the last election are not allowed to this time. the move mainly effects more than a million rohinja and muslim minority in western state who are discriminated against
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and unrecognized by the government. whatever the outcome of sunday's vote the military will still play a part in government because the constitution guarantees it a quarter of seats in parliament. that didn't seem to matter at least not on this day and not to those who voted. polling has closed after an anticipateed election, first by a semi civilian government and it's seen as a step forward for the democracy in myanmar, al jazeera. let's take a look at how we got here and the party won elections in 1990 but the military annulled results and put her under house arrest for 15 of the next 21 years, in 1991 she was arwarded the nobel peace prize for her commitment to peaceful charge in myanmar. in 2007 monks led the biggest protest in 20 years known as the safron revelation and rewrote
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the consultation and give them a quarter of all seats in parliament and ban her from becoming president by disqualifying anyone with foreign children and the leader of the democracy movement was finally freed from house arrest in 2010 but boycotted subsequent elections seen as rigged and many issues relate to minority groups and wayne hey is at a camp for displaced people in the state. >> reporter: there is no celebration of myanmar's developing democracy here, in the camps around the state capitol sitway there are 100,000 people, most of them are rohinga muslims largely viewed as illegal immigrants despite they have been here for generations, their rights have been stripped a way and used to be able to vote in elections, not this time, that right has also been taken away by the government. >> translator: i was hoping to be able to vote but now i can't. our lives are so difficult right
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now. >> translator: i'm very sad i can't vote but i hope that after the election the rohinga people will be recognized that is my one wish. >> reporter: a few kilometers outside the camps people have been able to vote as normal. one of the leading candidates for the main buddhist party in the state is not offering much hope for the people here. >> translator: we have a citizenship law and we can live with those who are compatible with that law but we can't live with newcomers. >> reporter: the people here say they have some hope in the form of the president but so far she has refused to speak out in support of them. ♪ it's been another day of violence in the occupied west bank, there have been three separate attacks on israelis and at least one person is dead, a palestinian shot by israeli police after driving in a group of people. a palestinian woman was also
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shot and wounded by a security guard after a stabbing incident outside a settlement near bethlehem and woman captured on cctv pulling a knife from her purse and ludging at the guard, it's the latest in a wave of violent attacks that have now lasted for more than a month. al jazeera's stephanie decker is in west jerusalem. two of the incidents took place around the northern city of the occupied west bank and one of them that was caught on camera, the woman that tied to stab an israeli security officer that was in bethlehem. this is a change to a patent really we have been seeing really over the last few weeks that most of the incidents, some of them disputed of course and palestinian witnesses and there are certain cases say it's not as the israeli narrative goes but they have not taken place around hebron where most attacks taken place and goes to show how unpredictable these attacks are, very difficult to prevent also the tension that remains on the
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ground and it all comes as israeli prime minister on his way to washington to meet with barack obama, we know they will be discussing the tensions here on the ground. we know that the israeli prime minister according to media reports has a plan and try to ease tension in the west bank and gaza and easing checkpoints and restrictions on movement but very difficult to see how that is going to translate to the tensions on the ground that remain very real, many people will tell you palestinians that it stems from many factors, partially also a complete hopelessness in seeing the end of this occupation and certainly we have heard from the white house in the last few days that a two-state solution, that a solution to the tensions, to the long on going crisis here, the occupation will not happen under the presidency of barack obama. a member of the team investigating the metro jet crash in egypt told roy tears
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they are 90% certain it was caused by a bomb and it came down in the sinai peninsula last weekend and member of the egyptian investigation is reported to have said a noise heard in the final second of the cockpit recording indication an explosion caused by a bomb. a group affiliated with i.s.i.l. said it caused the crash and thousands of russian tourists have been evacuated after moscow suspended all flights on friday and people of emirates said the crash would have far reaching consequences for the entire industry. >> what happened last week to the ex tents of what happened to the euro wings aircraft are game changers to our industry. they have to be addressed at industry level because no doubt the countries, united states, europeans are going to more resent of what happened more recently would make i would think some fairly stringent
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demands on the way aviation goes about its security. a memorial service has been held in st. petersburg where most of the 224 victims of last week's crash came from and r oh, ry challenge has been following it. >> reporter: 224 chimes for 224 lives and i it ends silently and violently and the sound of the bell was a combination of a service held in one of the christian's largest cathedral and according to russian tradition a memorial of the dead is held on the ninth day and means it's more than a week since metro jet's plane was destroyed over sinai and still waiting for an explanation of how and why. western governments think it was probably a bomb, i.s.i.l. said it destroyed the plane as revenge for russia's air campaign in syria. russians have a variety of
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views. >> translator: we can only judge by what we are being told, if you want to know what i think if it was i.s.i.l. i think that theory has a right to exist. >> translator: i think it's a plane that is to blame. it's a technical error. >> translator: there have been many versions. from what we were officially told i'm inclined to think it was an explosive on board. >> reporter: kremlin says we shouldn't jump to conclusions but its decision making tells a slightly different story and all russian flights to egypt suspended on friday, precaution we were told and evacuated tourists started arriving back in the country this weekend. if an i.s.i.l. bomb is proven to be what destroyed the jet don't expect the domestic backlash against russia's current policy and putin's time in power is marked by tragedies and the response is to grieve and move on. if anything look for a hardening
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of attitudes, more support for russia's bombing in syria. ♪ sorrow is often followed by anger but modern governments can be good at shaping public opinions for their own uses and kremlin is better than most, rory, challenge, al jazeera, mosc moscow. still ahead on al jazeera india ruling party loses a crucial state election and will have consequences on a national level. i'm at the world robot olympic in qatar with 3,000 of the world's smartest young minds have come together to battle for robot supremacy. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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♪ welcome back, let's take you to our top stories now, passed off smoothly in what is myanmar's freest election ever and the national league for democracy is expected to win most of the votes. palestinian has been shot dead by israeli security forces in the latest wave of violent incidents to take place in the occupied west bank. member of the team investigating the metro jet plane crash in egypt told the news agency they are 90% certain it was caused by a bomb. moving to burundi now where unidentified gunmen have killed nine people at a bar in the capitol and seven bodies were found on the floor inside the venue, two other people who managed to escape died later in hospital and came as a presidential deadline to hand in illegal weapons expired and they
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were told to give up their arms and surrender or face police action. security forces are now carrying out house to house searches for weapons and unrest in burundi killed at least 200 and seen tens of thousands leave the country, violence began in april with widespread protest after the president said he would seek a third term in office. and he went to win in july but result was contested by opposition groups and he set a deadline saturday for people to hand over illegal firearms or enemies of the nation to disarm the population but this could be used to kill opponents and the london school of economics told me people leaving the country may face difficulties. >> announcing he would run for a term on monday, i think the main destination is one of tanzania and congo and the country has
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scarce resources especially rwanda and there is problem to sustain these people and maybe problem of humanitarian issues as well. so it's very problematic for the region and i think the stability and constant flow of people escaping is not very encouraging. yemen and 50 people have been killed in the past few days as fighting flared up in many areas of the country and houthi rebels launched major offensive in the south getting villages and without support from the saudi-led coalition they may lose more ground and we report. >> reporter: houthi fighters hold ground in the southern city of the bala province. pro-government troops have retreated, out gunned and out numbered they are waiting for reenforcements. >> translator: forces are still
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capable of sending fighters and ammunition from sanaa to the main front lines and dumped. >> reporter: seven months after the start of the saudi-led air strikes houthi fighters are far from defeated. they have attacked a saudi military post in the border town and after hours of fighting the houthis took control of the militarily post and destroyed armored vehicles before retreating. as the fighting continues across yemen, more civilians are continuing to die including family members when their car was attacked on a busy road. >> translator: a few rockets fell on the city fired by the houthis. a boy and a girl and their father was killed. the mother survived but she is in serious condition. >> reporter: local activists blame the houthis and forces loyal to former president saleh. the continuing fighting
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threatens to under mine efforts to get yemen's warring factions to agree on a ceasefire and start political talks, scheduled for the end of this month. al jazeera. serbia says to start from the embassy have been kidnapped and in the southwest town and one of the employees is a woman. and they have seen kidnappings this year and 55 captured in october before being released. now greek fishermen helped rescue stranded refugees on the island and they appeals to the fishermen to rescue people who were stranded several miles from land after the boat engine failed and brought to the small port where volunteers helped them and gave them emergency blankets. thousands of volunteers have been joining greek authorities to help with the huge influx of refugees and the rescue effort. well the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have arrived on the greek islands so far this
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year have changed how the islands look and how they are doing business, new shops and restaurants are popping out to cater to refugee needs and not everyone is happy with these changes and mohamed reports now from the greek island of lesbos. >> reporter: a scene full of contradictions. juxtaposing money and misery as it showcases both profit and poverty. >> with the rent. >> yes. >> reporter: many businesses here are about to close down are now being kept alive. >> reporter: refugees line up to pay what little money they have to local business men and women who have learned to acclimate. the sandwiches may be simple but now menus can be found in various languages. still, catering to crisis has left a bad taste in the mouths of even some of those benefitting from it. like maria and happy to be
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making some extra cash from selling sim cards she also feels conflicted. >> translator: everybody takes advantage of them, the poor people. i don't think there is one single business that doesn't benefit. in the past there was nothing here. it was just an empty street and now it's like a street party. >> reporter: the capitol one new restaurant is not just offering up menus in arabic and serving up middle eastern cuisine too and promises most syrians a taste of the home land they fled. owner insists his endeavor is good for both residents and refugees. >> translator: we should adopt and accept the people and support them in any possible way. there is a difference between profiting from doing honest and hard work and exploitation.
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>> reporter: a short walk down the street comfort is in a short supply as nourishment. >> the prices the shops are very high. when you go to the shops you will find that it's very crowded. >> reporter: he tells me he feels as though some local businesses are trading off their suffering. most of the refugees we spoke with now sleep in here in this parking lot told us that for them prices are not an issue. they don't have enough money to go buy food at a grocery store or eat at a restaurant. many say the money they brought with them is now close to running out and still even at this hour surely one of their darkest that choose to see some light. >> difficulties on the island but we find kindness in the people. that's what makes us feel happy because we cannot find this kindness in our countries.
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i don't know what to say. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: as the economy here changes people change with it. this may look like simple supply and demand but for now the only thing you can see clearly is a surplus of despair. mohamed, al jazeera, lesbos, greece. the refugee crisis is a big issue in croatia where people are voting in their first parliamentary election since joining the eu two years ago and winner will face a tough task with fragile economic recovery and dealing with more than 330,000 refugees who passed through croatia in the last two months and prime minister has been accused of being ineffective in handling the issue. moving to india now where prime minister modi has been defeated in a regular election in the state and governmeor was openina win for promised economic
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reforms and we have more from new deli. >> reporter: it's a local victory being heard around the country. a so called grand alliance of parties with the aim of defeating modi agenda party or bjp and came to power in last year's general election when he won more than half the seats here and that popularity continued in several state elections on what supporters called the modi wave but the sluggish pace and economic reforms slowed down by opposition blocking measures chipped away at support for the bjp. ♪ the first break came less than a year ago when the common man party won the deli state elections and recently they have been accusing bjp of dividing hindus and muslims for political game and they reasserted itself with what is considered an important victory. >> translator: the message is loud and clear from the country, that modi and bjp can't divide
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us and can't win elections by pitting hindus against muslims and in the coming days we will show them the country does not belong to a particular cast or religion but belongs to all. >> reporter: he visited several times to prop up the plan for india and had a subdued response from the bjp. >> translator: we respect the people's verdict and the prime minister and national president have granted them. >> reporter: this defeat may mean further delays in the government getting promised economic reforms passed and could also signal a decline in the prime minister's power. >> not rooted so much to ask him to leave and nobody to challenge him or take responsibility for this defeat and go home, that won't happen but with reduced authority. >> reporter: the opposition is reveling in the victory and not
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much is different after resects and bjp in the lower house of parliament and opposition majority in upper house and shows the opposition is still a force to be reconed with and monday will be business as usual for the government but with a new tone from new deli. ro but football to mining, and the world robot has the best and brightest young minds from around the world and started in 2004 and brought together 3,000 people in qatar to show off robot creations and we have been there to meet them. >> reporter: just 2 1/2 hours to finalize and build their robots and these machines must deliver the correct blocks to the top of the correct mountain, no easy feit to operate without human intervention. this year's event brings together more than 3,000 young
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robot enthusiasts for more than 45 countries, all intent on learning and showing off their skills. >> we have different designs and advantage and we can talk to each other and know about the advantages and learn from them. >> it makes our brain more advanc advanced. >> i just have to manage it. >> and the people talking about addressing things and you learn about it. >> reporter: in one competition teams designed robots to extract resources from potentially dangerous places, from water on mars to volucano mining, and eah judged on creativity and ingenuity. >> seeing something that is way out of the box and still in the theme but something we didn't and have not seen before and
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expected whatsoever so that is really cool to see like someone who found micro organisms which is natural resources. >> reporter: then football and robots aside with thousands of man hours behind the design and build of each robot player. the buildings are left to the imagination and to add to it the robot and some of the smartest young minds in the world and here you have a serious global sporting event. >> able to do and programming the robots to do it's really actually incredible so obviously you know that gets people interested. if science or education is fun then people will be interested in it and interested in becoming the scientists and engineers of the future. >> reporter: malaysia team takes the title and consensus is bringing so many young people from around the world together in the name of technology is a
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winning formula. al jazeera, doha. well you can get more on that story and everything else we are covering on our website, the address is al including analysis on that significant election in myanmar, more on that in a second. hello i'm richard gizbert, and you are at "the listening post", these are some media stories we are getting across. turkey coming off an election, the a.k. party has a mandate not boding well for certain news outlets. rumours hit social media and the headlines.


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